Twitter gets a facelift and changes the design of the app

Twitter made several changes to the design of the app, including high contrast colors, increased space, and a brand new typeface called Chirp.

The social media company listed the changes in a Twitter thread posted on August 11.

Design changes are available on the Twitter mobile and web apps.

“While it might seem odd at first, these updates make us more accessible, unique, and focused on you and what you’re talking about,” he writes.

What design changes has Twitter made to the app?

The biggest change to the Twitter app is the new Chirp typeface.

Twitter first launched the police in January. At the time, it was reported that the police struck a balance between fun and seriousness in the appearance of the tweets.

At the same time, text in all western languages ​​such as English will now align to the left of the screen. Non-Western languages ​​will remain aligned as they were before.

Twitter has also updated the app’s colors to look high contrast. The application uses the color blue much less than before. Twitter said the change was to bring attention to other content such as photos and videos posted.

The new buttons in the app also feature high color contrast.

“We’re also rolling out new colors soon, giving you a new palette,” Twitter added.

Meanwhile, Twitter cleaned up the app’s appearance with several small changes. The app has fewer gray backgrounds and separator lines between items, and has more space to make tweets easier to read.

Twitter has announced that it will introduce other design changes soon.

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