The design of the Xbox Series X Box Art has been slightly updated

Sheriff said
June 15, 2021 15:21 GMT

Microsoft has tweaked the box design for Xbox Series X games.

Design of Xbox x series The game box has been discreetly updated. As pointed out Xbox NewsMicrosoft seems to have streamlined the appearance of its boxart somewhat.

The top green stripe with the Xbox logo has been reduced to a short stripe with the Xbox logo. Next to it is a white rectangle listing the Xbox One and Xbox Series X as compatible platforms. This information was previously displayed as a black line below the green stripe.

Fortunately, the new design gives you a bit more space to display at the top of the box. It also means that you no longer need to put green stickers on games optimized for the Series X console.

This is a minor change and we’re working hard to remove the extra stickers that cover the art of the box, but the white stripes on the top don’t seem relevant. Still, the box design is a bit neat and therefore seems less loaded.

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The design of the Xbox Series X Box Art has been slightly updated

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