Spotify revamps desktop and web app design – including downloads to your computer

Spotify’s desktop app was the company’s first portal to its music service before the mobile phone dominated, but Spotify said the desktop design hasn’t kept up with the changes over the years.


Spotify refreshed the look of the desktop app and web player for its streaming music service, the company said on Thursday, including the ability to download tracks to a computer with its desktop app for people who pay premium members.

It also made the design of its web player and desktop app more similar to its mobile app, so Spotify usage across all platforms is more consistent, Spotify said in a blog post. And Spotify has made it easier to create playlists and added more controls for web or desktop users, like the ability to write descriptions, upload images, and drag and drop tracks into existing playlists. .

“We are constantly testing, developing and releasing new features,” Spotify said. “Yet along the way, we felt that our desktop app experience hadn’t caught up, and that it was time for a change.

Spotify has also added new keyboard shortcuts to help you with many other tasks, the company said. In the desktop app, PC users can press Ctrl +?, And Mac users, Command +? – this will bring up a full list of all available commands.

The news came about a month after Spotify hosted an event to reveal a list of announcements, including plans to launch a new level of subscription called HiFi for high quality sound later this year and expansion to over 80 new countries. At the time, the music streaming giant also unveiled podcast exclusives and a suite of new tools for artists and podcasters.

Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming service by listeners and subscribers.

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