Prinker reveals body art design trends for 2022

Prinker, the company behind the world’s first digital temporary tattoo device, shares trending tattoo designs from users who design, share and print their own temporary tattoos.

IRVINE, California, November 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Trying out the latest tattoo designs has never been easier or more risk-free with the help of Prinker, the inventor of the world’s first digital temporary tattoo device. With the purchase of a single Prinker, users can print on temporary tattoos in seconds, choosing from over 8,000 designs selected by Prinker, its users, as well as tattoo artists in 60 countries. Prinker is a member company of the Born2Global Center.

Clockwise from top right: 1: Micro tattoos are trendy around the world with delicate and intricate designs; 2: abstract geometric designs remain popular; 3: Tattoo designs featuring whole words or quotes are more and more common; 4: Animals of all kinds remain a favorite of body art enthusiasts Center: the dragon tattoo remains the most popular on the Prinker platform

Prinker temporary tattoos can be chosen to match an outfit, season, mood or even sentiment. Prinker users can even design and print their own temporary tattoos, enhancing their creative expression.

As 2022 approaches, Prinker is excited to share the latest trends in body art design seen among the company’s thousands of global clients and tattoo artists.

1. Micro tattoos are the way to go

They are small, simple and discreet. Micro tattoos have endless possibilities, and they allow users to tap into their desire to be temporarily “inked” without having to announce their design to the world. Micro temporary tattoos can be printed behind the ears, or on the ankles and feet, making them easy to cover up in a professional setting.

There has been a spike in the trend for micro tattoos in recent years and tattoo enthusiasts and artists predict that they will still be strong in 2022. Prinker users show a particular preference for them. More whimsical temporary micro-tattoos – two of Prinker’s most popular micro-tattoos. designs include a minimal butterfly outline, and a comic book-style unicorn, which has been printed by over 6,500 Prinker customers. Both are cute and dainty without the visibility of the larger and more traditional tattoo designs.

Prinker makes it easy for creative souls to use temporary micro tattoos to celebrate festive occasions like Halloween Where the Saint Patrick.

2. Keep it simple with geometric and abstract minimalism

Given the popularity of micro temporary tattoos, it’s no surprise that tattoo enthusiasts also favor simpler geometric and minimalist tattoos that reflect the more muted aesthetic of the moment. These types of tattoos are easily recognized by their fine lines and abstract design, with meaning to be found in the subtext.

A line art temporary tattoo design with six dice displaying various digital faces expressing a risk-taking or a simple wish for luck has been printed more than 12,000 times on the Prinker platform. Other Prinker users have been drawn to the geometric simplicity of traditional henna tattoo designs find in South Asia Where matching symbolic line art tattoos.

3. Express yourself better in words

Behind every temporary tattoo there is always a hidden meaning, but sometimes it is best expressed in words, letters or quotes. This trend has come a long way since “Love momto users encompassing entire inspirational quotes tattooed on their arms. With Prinker, the design of these temporary tattoos can be customized down to font, size, color and even language.

Some of Prinker’s most popular tattoos include Chinese writing, reminiscent of traditional tattoo designs which can compress multiple meanings into a single word or phrase from literature, history or even the designer’s imagination. Another popular design among Prinker users is the unique word “beautiful” printed in rainbow letters, expressing the value found outside and inside.

Here is a video of a Prinker user printing “I love you” in seven different languages.

4. Find your inner animal

Old is gold too – this timeless trend in animal tattoos is expected to remain strong in 2022. Animals are a popular choice among Prinker users for many reasons, from literary to cultural symbolism to ‘a species peculiar to expressing love for their own pets. The evergreen dragon tattoo remains the most popular temporary tattoo, having been printed almost 15,000 times by Prinker users around the world.

Why Prinker

When users buy Prinker, tattoos never last forever. Instead, they can be chosen to meet any whim without the pain and commitment that comes with obtaining a permanent tattoo. Users simply need to select their design and then slide the Prinker device directly over their skin to instantly print water-resistant temporary tattoos. Prinker uses proprietary cosmetic inks that can be easily removed with soap and water and are certified by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program (VCRP) and Portal notification of cosmetic products from the EU (CPNP).

Prinker is a suitable gift for that creative person in life, and for a limited time, the printer and additional ink cartridges are on sale before the holiday season. You can find Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday deals for Prinker via with a discount of $ 160 for the Prinker S with black and color ink and a discount of $ 70 for Prinker S with black ink only – the case ends on December 5, 2021. Prinker is also available for purchase on Amazon.

For further information, those interested can contact [email protected].

About Prinker

Created in 2015, Prinker Korea Inc. is the inventor and manufacturer of the world’s first digital temporary tattoo device with the aim of inspiring consumers and providing new tools for self-expression. Prinker is a nifty all-in-one solution for the easy creation and application of water-resistant but soap-washable temporary tattoos, using patented US FDA VCRP and Europe CPNP registered cosmetic inks. Prinker serves consumers and businesses in over 60 countries and has an extensive and growing library of over 8,000 ready-made designs, with contributions from talented tattoo artists around the world. Prinker was selected as one of the top 4 companies in Europe biggest Slush start-up conference and pitch competition 2016, and is also a winner of the L’Oréal Innovation Runway 2017.

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