Local artists want artistic design of Ewell Plaza changed

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – When you walk through Mulberry Art Studios with April Koppenhaver, you witness a history lesson in the art of Lancaster.

Koppenhaver, owner of Mulberry Art Studios, has been a part of Lancaster’s art scene for more than three decades.

“Community without the arts, or the arts without community, is a bit like the front of the hand without the back of the hand; you need both, ”Koppenhaver said.

Koppenhaver says Lancaster slapped the face when they gave the green light to Miami-based R&R Studios to create a design for Ewell Plaza.

The project in question is the proposed installation on the facade of the 360-space parking garage.

“When you look at the design of R&R, it is contrary to our historic city,” Koppenhaver said. “It does not fit into the framework. It is as if they are making their own brand image for our city. “

Koppenhaver says local artists feel they have been left out of the decision-making process. She is currently leading an effort to have local art placed on this structure.

“Maybe some kind of mesh with light, and that could be digitized so that exhibits could be offered on this screen,” she suggested.

The city said R&R would hire local artists to shape the final design of the structure, but Koppenhaver said it was not happy with the compromise.

“This structure they are proposing has nothing to do with this story,” Koppenhaver commented. “It’s not our future.

Koppenhaver said depending on the actions the city takes, it may seek legal action in the future.

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