Gaming technology and web design: an unlikely couple?

When you think of a web design business, what does it look like on your mind A tastefully simple desk with abstract art on the walls, a ping pong table, and fake grass in the meeting room ?

Well, you’re half right; some of them have pool tables instead.

What you might not expect is a proliferation of vibrant neon colors, the whirring of high-end cooling fans, or the clicking of mechanical keyboards. Many of the best web design studios use equipment that was originally designed for games. And why not? Gaming PCs are ubiquitous, powerful, and they look great when the lights are on. And while they might not be the first thing you think of when you think of website design, they are a lot more common than you might think.

Web design is, ultimately, a primarily visual medium. Websites can contain hundreds of images, fancy animations, and a host of other gubbins that require a lot of processing power to create. And at this point, what separates a powerful gaming PC from a classic high-end desktop PC? If the specs are broadly similar, why not go with the more cost-effective option?

Gaming peripherals are also fantastic for everyday use in the office. A precision mouse for FPS games can also be used for editing finely detailed images. A mechanical keyboard designed for comfort and satisfying typing makes long coding and writing sessions easier. And premium gaming headsets deliver crystal-clear communication for conference calls. Every device has a use, be it personal, creative or professional.

But what impact does this have on the customer experience Simply put, you want everyone working on your website to have a sense of fun and creativity. Otherwise, you won’t get a unique website that meets your needs! Be selective in choosing a website creation service and focusing on creativity above all else, you will get the best possible results. After all, if your website doesn’t stand out from the crowd, how are you supposed to attract customers?

Gaming philosophies also have many applications in web design. Interactivity is becoming a common phrase, and what could be more interactive than video games. ”By applying this paradigm to websites and their functionality, a skilled web design team can push the boundaries of what created sites are capable of. For example, a hamburger company might have the ingredient-themed pages on their site for a burger itself, and a bike shop might use a style similar to bike lanes and country roads.

Another important aspect of the gamification of the web design process is the repeated engagement with viewers. Any decent game will have some sort of mechanic to keep players coming back, a basic gameplay loop. A well-designed website should be the same, host features or services that convert viewers into new customers and retain previously converted customers as well. This is why it is important to emphasize a well-designed web presence.

However, it is important to make sure that you are getting the best possible web design for your money. Beware of agencies that rely on role models; whatever you get from them will be mass produced and sorely lacking in creative flair. While it can be more expensive, the best web design agencies are almost always the most creative.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, when looking for someone to design your website to the best possible level, creativity is a must. It is quite simply the best indicator of talent and efficiency. The gaming and web design industries are much closer than you might think!

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