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Facebook has announcement a new redesigned design for the Messenger Kids app. The new design is intended to make it easier for children to use the app, communicate with their friends and navigate better. They can even customize their chats now.

According to Facebook, this new update is actually a test experiment that the company launched after working closely with children and their parents and monitoring how children and their parents expect the app to be. . This new design is currently being rolled out for kids in the United States and Canada who use it on their iPhones. After a while, this new design will finally be rolled out to all children around the world with all types of devices.

Some of the key features that have been updated in this newly revamped design include dedicated “Chat” and “Explore” navigation tabs at the bottom of the Messenger inbox. This will make it easy for kids to switch between conversations and enjoy and explore other in-app activities outside of the chat.

All active conversations will now be at the top of the inbox to give kids easy navigation through their chats and more accessibility. This is exactly what happens on the original Messenger app.

Another important update is that kids will see post and media previews. This will help them with quick responses while still enjoying an effective conversation.

With a simple swipe gesture, they can now place calls through their inbox. In addition, they can now customize and personalize the color of their chat bubble. This will allow them to have a more fun experience while chatting with their friends.

Although Facebook claims parental controls will remain the same as before. But one thing deserves to be mentioned. Messenger uses a lot of data and personal information of the users who use it to exchange messages, documents and have personal conversations with their loved ones. Even the previews generated when a link is sent through chats come from a third-party app used by Facebook that users don’t know anything about. It is therefore important to keep an eye on young children regarding the content they share with each other on their Messenger Kids app.

Apart from that, it is not just the Messenger Kids app that should be watched carefully by parents. All activities of children on the Internet should be carefully monitored to prevent them from being exposed to harmful substances and disturbing experiences.

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