This sponsored article was created by our content partners, BAW Media. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible. Trends in web design don’t just appear out of nowhere. They meet the real needs of Internet users at a given time. These needs can address everything from makingRead More →

With the rise of page builders and SaaS integrations; do you still need custom websites? Today we’re going to explore no-code / low-code vs. custom web design websites to find out who benefits from these advancements in automation and template design. We will define the advantages and disadvantages of each.Read More →

Shannon Murphy, a graduate of the Joffrey Ballet School, teaches a virtual “The Nutcracker” ballet class. – Courtesy of West Tisbury Library This weekend, Saturday, November 27, at 10:15 a.m., ballerina Miss Shannon guides kids through a Nutcracker-themed ballet and book event. Everyone is welcome to join Zoom for thisRead More →

75% of the website’s credibility is directly related to the design, which means that users place a high priority on visual and functional factors when estimating the value of the business. In the latest QuickSights, DesignRush surveyed web design experts to find out their favorite methods of building a websiteRead More →

Web design trends are cyclical, but 2022 can stand out for a variety of reasons. Yes, current events like the pandemic are coming into play, but on top of that, mobile devices continue to get more powerful, and privacy and security have become a priority for many people. With greaterRead More →

These days, it is common to create a website or an app that adjusts its user interface to suit the browser or device. There are two approaches to achieve this goal. The first is to create different versions of your website or app for different devices. But it is inefficientRead More →

The landscape of web design is constantly changing. Something that looked modern and fresh yesterday can seem dated overnight, and trends once dismissed as irrevocably outdated may unexpectedly return to fashion. Yet one thing remains constant: Websites are the most important marketing channel for many businesses and the second mostRead More →

In most cases, creating a neat and clean website can be the best choice for website owners. Stay away from very elaborate, image-laden backgrounds. Simple can often be the best choice. Consider designing backgrounds using symmetrical and / or polygonal shapes instead of lots of images or designs. Keep inRead More →