Bring your creative visions to life with the advanced Editor X web design platform

Advanced design capabilities

This advanced web design platform is specially designed for professional creatives who create sites for others. Offering a unique combination of accessible CSS, built-in business features, and built-in coding capabilities, Editor X lets you build and launch cutting-edge websites with transparent and responsive layouts and complete breakpoint control. .

In short, it has the potential to transform the way we build websites. Read on as we explain how it works and why you should build your next site on Editor X.

Editor X is based on a refined drag-and-drop interface with truly revolutionary responsive capabilities. With flexbox layout and design tools like Stack and Layouter, you can create modular layouts in uniform boxes that will seamlessly adapt to all breakpoints.

Alternatively, you can use the CSS Grid to design complex, overlapping layouts with finer control. Either way, you get a high degree of control over how your website looks and behaves on different device sizes; and in 2021, who wouldn’t want that?

Everything you need to create sites for clients

As a complete solution, Editor X is the perfect way to organize your projects, as it allows you to take your website from concept to life, all in one place. The built-in, codeless CMS lets you add and edit dynamic content without even touching your design, making managing content-rich sites seamless and intuitive.

You’ll also find a host of e-commerce and marketing tools built into the software, so you won’t have to worry about messing around with third-party plugins. Whether you want to blog, take bookings, or take your SEO seriously, Editor X has you covered.

Advanced features for serious creators

Editor X is packed with advanced features that all professional creators will love. Here are some important points.

Have you ever needed to design a series of the same elements with different content in each element? Repeaters allow you to display dynamic content with a consistent style. Connect your repeater to the CMS without code to regularly update your content without touching the front-end design. This would be useful, for example, for team profile pages or feature lists.

Custom breakpoints make it easy to design sites for multiple screen sizes. You have full control over breakpoints, so you can change the style of your site depending on the device it’s displayed on.

If you are a coder, Editor X allows you to build advanced web applications using JavaScript and custom APIs; all on an open and integrated development platform.

Other advanced features of Editor X include photo studio, animation, and transparent video capabilities.

Find inspiration to create original designs

Editor X offers a wide range of templates to inspire inspiration and encourage creativity. Each template has different features and layouts so you can take them apart to see how they work. For more inspiration, check out some of the best Editor X creations displayed in the showroom or visit the Shaping Design blog.

Team working

These days, building websites is normally a team effort. So you’ll be happy to hear that Editor X deploys a suite of collaboration tools to optimize teamwork and streamline your workflow. These include team accounts, to which you can invite teammates and assign custom roles and permissions for each team member; and shareable design libraries, which are a great way for designers and teams to manage design systems, organize branded books, set design guidelines, and reuse assets.

Useful resources to learn more

Need to be up and running quickly? Editor X offers in-depth lessons, video tutorials, and webinars through its educational resource center, Academy X. Use the hub to dig deeper into the platform and learn more about each feature in turn, or skip ahead. according to your needs: it is your call.

Also, be sure to join the Community X forum to connect with other creators, share ideas, provide feedback, and stay up to date with the latest updates.

Start today with Editor X

On Editor X, you can create and launch an unlimited number of sites for free. To upgrade your site, you can access more exclusive features with one of the premium plans, which start at $ 17 / month, or the commercial plans, which start at $ 22 / month.

If you’re a professional creative who wants to push your creative boundaries and bring your vision to life online, Editor X promises to totally transform the way you work. So don’t delay: start today, here.

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