Blooming Gel is the biggest nail design of fall 2021 | Expert advice

For a snakeskin look, Imarni kicks off with a vibrant green hue as the base color. Then, she applies a layer of flowery gel. From there, she deposits black gel polish in the center of the nail and smaller dots along the sides. As the gel disperses, ladder-like designs will develop.

Schüßleder likes to freestyle her flower gel nail art, instead of planning the exact effect she will create. Sometimes she even just adds floral gel to the tips of her client’s nails for a groovy French manicure. Then Schüßleder dabs shades of gloss gel polish onto the wet bloom gel with a nail pointing tool. To make the look more multidimensional, she adds another layer of colors after the hardening of the first round and sometimes also gemstones or pearls.

Courtesy of Johanna Schüßleder

How to experience floral gel nail art at home

If you have the right gel nail products at home, Schüßleder and Smith say you can master flowering gel nails on your own because it is not such a difficult technique to nail. Gel Bottle Inc.’s formula is available online for $ 21 per bottle, but only certified professionals can add it to their cart. Fortunately, Luxapolish has the next best thing with its $ 17 Bloom Art Gel.

Le Mini Macaron 1 step gel manicure kit on white background

Le Mini Macaron 1-step gel manicure kit

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And if you don’t have flowering gel on hand, you can easily mimic the nail art technique like Smith has done in the past. “If you leave a gel topcoat uncured and add droplets of other colors on top, you can swirl it around in a pretty design, giving it a similar flowery gel look,” she explains.

Although it does not spread in the same way, this technique is a good substitute in a pinch. You can follow these same steps with a gel-effect top coat, like the award-winning Essie Gel-Setter Best of Beauty, as well as standard nail polishes.

A bottle of Essie gel setter top coat on a red background

Essie Gel-Setter Top Coat

For those who prefer to leave their floral gel nails to the professionals, Smith suggests showing your nail artist one of the photos above as a reference. “The trend is so new, so not everyone has flower gel,” she adds. “But it’s not impossible to achieve the look without this specific product.” Then get ready for a visual ASMR as your one-of-a-kind nail art blossoms before your eyes.

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