Best Company 2021: Architecture and Interior Design

Winner: The Neenan Co.

In its 34th year, ColoradoBiz‘s Top Company honors Colorado companies that demonstrate drive, determination, vision, and a plan that ultimately make the state a better place to live and work. These two companies – a winner and a finalist – represent the 2021 Best Companies in Architecture and Interior Design.


The Neenan Company.


The Neenan Company strengthens and builds communities across the country through an integrated and entrepreneurial approach to design, build and development projects. Founded in 1966, the company is a pioneer of the design-build model and specializes in creating commercial, educational, health care and community facilities that generate economic vitality and make people feel good, healthy and happy. learn and lead.

The Neenan Company coined the term “archistruction” to describe its unique approach to the industry. Traditionally, the real estate industry has focused on raw materials – the labor, materials, equipment, and land needed to create or renovate buildings. Decision making is often the product of a critical analysis of cost savings and profit margins.

Archistruction is Neenan’s solution to marry the vision, planning and expertise necessary to create spaces that lead to economic vitality. It is a collaborative and multidisciplinary process focused on creating maximum value for Neenan clients. It centralizes the work of engineers, architects, designers, project managers, contractors, subcontractors and craftsmen. Neenan works in partnership at all stages – concept, financing, design and construction – to create the best and most economically viable spaces for clients.

With one of their recent projects, Tammen Hall Apartments in Denver, the Neenan team redeveloped a historic landmark into affordable seniors apartments, helping to resolve the housing crisis in Denver. Located on the campus of St. Joseph’s Hospital, the building was originally constructed in 1930 as a nurses’ dormitory for the Colorado Children’s Hospital and had been vacant since 2007. The property offered 49 rental apartments for individuals. aged 62 and over, providing independent living options for the elderly. who often have fixed incomes and represent one of the most vulnerable groups in the city. The Neenan Company served as the design-build partner for the renovation of the historic monument, working with MGL Partners and Solvera Advisors LLC as project developers.


NINE ARTS points


Top Co9 Point 57

NINE dot ARTS is a nationally recognized art conservation and consulting company with 825 facilities in 35 states and five countries. From hotels, multi-family buildings and offices to large-scale mixed-use developments and vibrant public art installations, NINE dot ARTS turns ordinary places into unique experiences. Some notable projects include the Denver Water headquarters; Dairy Block Alley and Offices and the Maven Hotel; and the Perry Lane Hotel in Savannah, Georgia. NINE dot ARTS has partnered with some of the nation’s leading real estate developers and hotel groups including Hyatt, Hilton, Sage Hospitality, Aparium Hotel Group, McWhinney Real Estate, BMC Investments and more.

In 2020, in the midst of the global pandemic, NINE dot ARTS launched its Andrà Tutto Bene Artist Micro Grant program to support Denver’s local arts community, which was suffering greatly from the closure of small and large cultural facilities across the country. The micro-grant program, named after the Italian phrase “everything will be fine”, aims to encourage the dissemination of publicly visible positive messages, while providing useful financial support to 30 selected creatives and organizations. Participating artists were invited to create an eye-catching exhibit centered on the program’s genesis phrase, and each piece of art could be found in various locations around the city – artist apartment windows, parked cars, bicycles, balconies. and more.

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