5 ways to design an effective and engaging mobile app in 2021

Mobile apps are literally dominating the world with their exceptional benefits and extreme reach. The creation of an app, from idea to actual product, is transformed by the world of mobile app development with the help of in-depth knowledge and precise analysis. Yet, some apps fail in the market simply because their design is not up to par to appeal to the user.

Today’s app market is completely user-driven and the UX of an app plays a crucial role in making it a success. However, designing the interface of an application is not an easy task, as it involves analysis based on the target audience.

Five ideas for creating the best app UX

Here are the factors a developer should keep in mind to create the best UX design for an app:

1. Implement interaction design rules

The interaction design process is essentially a set of rules that must be taken into account in developing an application. Taking into account the logical thoughts and planned behavior of an application, interaction design is used to create a better user experience. Here are some rules of interaction design

  • Goal-oriented design to help the user.
  • User-friendliness is a key feature to grab the attention of users.
  • Make good use of affordance and signifiers.
  • Read all comments and respond accordingly.

2. Don’t spoil the standard model

There’s a reason that successful apps follow a standard set of patterns for users. Do not change the features and functionality of an app too frequently, as users get used to it and learning a new pattern each time can put the app in the trash.

Gestures such as one-click drag, click or tap, colors, graphics and more, must be the same for the user to understand them. For example, keep the colors red for the warning text, an envelope image for the mail, and the cogwheel for the setting. These are symbols known to the user.

3. Accessibility is the key

Many times while using mobile phones user accidentally presses wrong button and ends up with unwanted screen and such kind of situation frustrates user. And this is because the size of the user’s finger is sometimes much larger than the buttons available on the screen.

The standard size of an average person’s finger is 45 to 47 pixels, which is much larger than the guidelines set for button design. Apple recommends 44 pixel size for button design.

4. Color selection

The choice of colors affects the overall layout of the application. It has been noticed that the use of attractive colors has decreased in recent years and the shift to the use of palettes is increasingly streamlined.

Also, white color is used more alongside contrast, as experimental colors have more influence in tempting the user. In selecting colors, the developer has to judge the application from the user’s point of view to get the proper output.

5. (Con) text is a great asset

Text is a critical part of app design and can deliver key results to the user. For effective copywriting, the developer must know the audience and the medium through which the application will be promoted.

By knowing the targeted customer, the developer you come up with with the specific and engaging content and comprehensive support knowledge will support it as well.


The mobile app user experience is how you represent the app to the user. Many apps with great features did not get enough attention due to lousy user design. Including things like better and awesome animations in a mobile app can help developers build a great app. So, to get maximum user engagement, take note of all of the above factors.

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