14 artists, 14 designers will collaborate for the first art-design fair since containment


Varsha Menon, the lead architect and designer of VM Design Works, which hosts the exhibition, told DT Next. “Collaborative shows like this have taken place in various parts of the world. But this concept is new to Chennai. I thought it would be nice to bring together the works of artists and designers. My mother Thejomaye Menon is an artist and I have grown up around art all my life. Art has been a big influence in my life and my career. Talking Spaces is an effort to exert expertise in the fields of art and design, and to harness the mixed skills and the potential for innovation, ”explains Varsha Menon.

After the lockdown, many artists and designers were waiting to showcase their work, and Varsha believes the next art exhibition will be a great platform. “In this exhibition, seasoned contemporary artists were paired with young designers. There are a lot of talented young interior designers and architects in the city and I wanted to showcase their work on a bigger platform. The designers were invited to create pieces inspired by the works of the artists with whom they are associated, ”she adds.

Through the show, Varsha also hopes to raise awareness of visual arts, applied arts, and show how different fields can work together. “It is a design initiative for Chennai people to come and explore and experience art and design. Thanks to the show, both disciplines will have more visibility in the contemporary culture of the city, ”said Varsha.

Left: design piece by Studio Reve; (right) sculpture of ‘old duo’ in brass and copper enamel welded by Hemalatha

Studio Reve’s Amita Joy and Hariti Shah are partnered with artist and sculptor Hemalatha Senathipathi for the show. “We have been asked to design something that is inspired by the works of Hemalatha. We made a two-seater bench and two side tables that were inspired by the colors, textures and patterns used by Hemalatha in her work, ”Amita shares.

Hemalatha, who will be showing six of his sculptures, tells us that the innovative exhibit will be new to Chennai people. She says, “I will present six sculptures – an ancient, untitled duet, Hanuman, a 3D sculpture of a bull, a series of fish and a harmony. I was surprised to see how Amita and Hariti created beautiful design pieces inspired by my work.

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