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We cannot resist the impression that the attitude of the bank has changed over the years. Once, above all, on the financial market there was no such fragmentation when it comes to bank branches. Therefore, the competition was not as strong as it is now. Now the bank is primarily for the customer.

Secondly, we did not choose a bank that is better. Our choice was most often based on the fact that someone from our family used the given services or we were closest to this institution. Rarely, on their own, before using the services of a given bank, they carried out any research as to whether it is a good choice and the cheapest.

Bank for the customer

Due to high competition, now the bank must solicit the customer, not the other way around. As a result, banks constantly analyze the market and the needs of potential customers. Continuous research, surveys, and analyzes, except that they are caused by the fact that the bank is for the customer , and not the other way around, is also aimed at building a customer base and increasing sales. Going to the bank for any financial service, it cannot happen that it will not meet our expectations. To confirm the words that the bank is for the client , specialized branches are created that only serve a selected sector of the market, such as mortgage or investment banks. All this to tailor your services to the needs of the client.

Changing the attitude of the bank and more

Changing the attitude of the bank and more

We are starting to feel dominant in relations with the bank. We are aware that the bank is for the customer . We do not have the same fear as before before visiting the bank. We are better informed, we have more knowledge about the finance and banking market, we are better educated, we know our needs and we have expectations. By going to the bank we are not getting lost, on the contrary we set requirements. We know what we want and that we have a chance to get it if we negotiate properly.

Client satisfaction

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A bank for a client is not only a study of his needs but also satisfaction. As well as knowledge about the products that customers expect from the bank, the satisfaction of entities that have used the services of a given bank is important. Thanks to this, banks know what else they need to change and refine to meet their expectations in 100%. Through this, banks also want to build long-term relationships. They strive to keep the client for longer. Selling one-off services is less important, and building lasting relationships comes first. The bank is for the customer , which means it tries to do everything to not only get it but also to stay for longer.