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Did you know that there are loans in 5 minutes? You read it correctly, just 5 minutes separate you from that urgent financing that you need so much to get out of the problem you have in front of you.

Entity information
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Crezu 97% PASS
First Loan up to € 1500 at 0% INTEREST
Returns: up to 90 days.
Up to € 1500
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Prestamon 96% PASS
1st mini-credit € 1000 0% INTEREST
Return between 91 and 120 days
Up to € 3000
Apply for
credit party EVEN WITH ASNEF
1st mini-credit € 1000 FREE
Return between 62 and 65 days
Up to € 1000
Apply for
Up to € 9000 in a few minutes
Return: 3-60 months.
7 days free, then € 37.99 if not canceled before.
Up to € 9000
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openbank loan Open Account + Card
No fees or commissions
You can order up to € 24,000
Free Credit and Debit Card.
No commissions
Apply for
1st mini-loan up to € 300 Free
Return between 62 and 90 days
Up to € 1000
Apply for
My Credit Ok FIRST CREDIT 0% Interest (With Asnef)
Up to € 5000 in 15 Minutes
Return: 2-48 months.
7 days free, then € 29 if not canceled before.
Up to € 5000
Apply for
1st credit up to € 1500 in 15 minutes
Return: up to 6 months.
No endorsement or payroll
Up to € 7,500
Apply for
1st mini-credit € 300 FREE
Return: 5-62 days.
Up to € 1,300
Apply for
Younited loans LOW INTEREST
From 6.34% APR Up to € 40,000
Return: 24-72 months.
Up to € 40,000
Apply for
60,000 euros with bankinter Account + Card
No fees or commissions
You can order up to € 60000
Free Credit and Debit Card.
No commissions
Apply for
Abanca loan Abanca + Card Account
No commissions or expenses
You can order up to € 60000
Free Cards
No commissions
Apply for
My solvency 97% PASS
1st loan Up to € 10,000 LOW INTEREST
Return between 3 and 60 months
Up to € 10,000
Apply for
First Credit up to € 5000 in 15 minutes
Return: Up to 36 months.
Up to € 5000
Apply for
Debt Cancel your Debts EASY and FAST
Get out of asnef NOW! Over 28 years
Free Study
100% Success
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Finzmo online loans ASNEF ACCEPTED
Return: 6-60 months.
Without endorsement, with income
Up to € 10,000
Apply for
Solve your debts Cancel your Debts EASY and FAST
Get out of asnef NOW! Up to 50%
Free Study
90% Success
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microcredits 24 FREE FIRST MINI-CREDIT
Return: up to 92 days.
Up to € 750
Apply for
1st mini-credit € 1000 in 10 minutes
Return between 61 and 90 days
Up to € 1000
Apply for
Return from 3 to 24 months.
Up to € 10,000 in 24 hours
No payroll or income.
Up to € 10,000
Apply for
Return: 3-90 months.
Without paperwork - From 4.75% APR
Up to € 50,000
Apply for
1st credit up to € 1000 0% INTEREST
Return: 3-60 months.
Cost: € 3 poop 5 days. (If you cancel before 5 days, nothing is paid)
Up to € 10,000
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Do you wonder what is the "trick" or what you need to do to get one of these urgent loans? In this article we clarify that there is nothing strange, that we can all request one of these loans in 10 minutes in your account and receive the financing we need since the requirements are very simple.

Online loans immediate response

We receive questions from clients who have a certain distrust in fast online loans that are so immediate. It is perfectly normal that doubts arise with a modality that seems too convenient not to have certain small print.

In these immediate loans, the financiers know well that earning the trust of a client is essential for them to use their financing services not only once in their life but every time they have to get out of a hurry.

For this reason, there are immediate mini-credit offers for new customers who go off the scale on the good. It is very possible that you do not have to pay commissions the first time you receive money from a financier.


It is also very possible that you just wait a few minutes and that if you do not receive the money someone will guide you through all the steps so that you can make a valid request. All these facilities on the part of the financial companies make the clientele recurring in their services.

How to get a loan in 5 minutes?

Actually, you do not have to do anything special to get a loan of this style, you just have to make an application from the finance company page.


There are some that take a little longer to provide the response to the request because their algorithms are different, but you do not usually have to wait more than 10 or 15 minutes .

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There are also cases of financiers who take more precautionary measures and request documents for approval. This means a delay but does not deviate too much from the usual service. After all, waiting a few more minutes isn't going to affect you so much, is it?

When you require immediate credit, look for a finance company that provides an answer in the same call or in minutes expressly. If you are in a hurry, it is your best asset to get out of the trouble you may find yourself in.

These types of services are adequate to get you the financing you need at the right time. A personal recommendation is that you use the service once when you do not have an emergency to check the speed .

This way you will be able to know all the details of the service for a day in which you really have to rush. Isn't that a good idea?

Requirements for immediate credits

The requirements to get loans in 5 minutes are practically the same as those for conventional ones.

The service is the same, the only thing that differentiates it from fast paperless credits is the amount of money approved in minutes, which has a limit for security. To access higher amounts, the entity will have to study your request in more detail.

This process generally does not take long on business days either, but the service may not be available on a weekend or holiday. You must know the maximum amount that can be approved in this modality in advance in order to have the right capital.

In some financial institutions, the limit of these first credits of immediate response in 5 minutes does not exceed € 300 but can reach € 500 in various financial institutions.

In others, if you are a regular customer and have already paid back what is owed in a timely manner, you will be able to access more money without prior study because they trust you. This is the way in which finance companies appreciate the recurrence in the use of their financing services. Count on these facilities to open up more long-term options.

When you become a Premium user, everything is simpler, since you can request credits without payroll or income and you will be able to unlock options that new customers do not yet have on hand. This only improves your options as a user of financial services gradually, don't you think?

Instant mini-credits

We can safely say that the Internet is already one of the best means to distribute, buy and request practically any product or service.

Nor does money escape from this reality and today you can request financial help completely online through immediate mini credits and without having to go to the bank or credit institution.

The rise of private equity entities that base their activity on instant mini-credits, such as Quebueno or Vivus, allow anyone to have quick money in a few mouse clicks.

These instant microcredits rarely require paperwork or paperwork, plus they are granted almost immediately, in just a few minutes. The financiers are there to help you at the right time to solve your liquidity problems.

Before requesting an immediate credit, they remind you to study your situation to be sure that you can meet the service fees. The money they lend you should be used responsibly so that you effectively plug one hole rather than create another.

How to obtain a mini-credit instantly?

Asking for money from home is the current trend so that you can enjoy the benefits of loans instantly and more when the introductory offer is adequate to know the entity and each step of the process, from the application to the repayment.

They provide you with all the information of the process on their official page so that you are aware of the conditions of the service. You can receive the money immediately for some entities, but in some cases it may take between 24 and 48 hours from the approval of the request.

Request the offers of credits without paperwork instantly to know how they can support you when you need it. It is recommended to have made the first request in advance so that you already know the steps of the process in a time of need.

It is also possible to make good use of the introductory offer: it is like a payroll advance without any repercussions for your pocket, when the deadline arrives you will have to return the exact amount without surcharge.

Steps to follow and requirements of the mini-credits instantly

Now we review the steps to follow to request one of these mini-loans instantly.

  • Registration on the entity's page. The registration process is simple and you can complete it from the comfort of your home. In your first immediate mini-credit, you can request up to € 300 to be returned within 30 calendar days.
  • Online identification. These entities make use of the Instantor tool to connect to your online banking without having to provide additional data for formalization.
  • Receive the money in your account. A confirmation email and SMS will be sent to you when your mini-credit is approved instantly. You can already use the money as soon as the electronic transfer is made.

One of the biggest advantages of instant credits is that the application process takes really little time. The system they have implemented makes it easy for you to send your data through a secure means in no time.

mini loans online

Do not forget to verify the accuracy of your data before formalizing the request. The financial companies that operate online support you at every step so that you have no doubts at the time of formalization, they assist you by phone if you have questions about any procedure.

What are the requirements to apply for instant credit?

The requirements to get an immediate mini-loan are simple:

  • Be a resident of Spain.
  • Have a DNI or NIE.
  • Be of legal age between 21 and 75 years.
  • Have a mobile phone and have a bank account.
  • Not appear in delinquent records .

These are easy to obtain as you can appreciate, since many people can get the services of the financier. They will always be available to guide you through the application process from start to finish.

Advantageous uses of instant loans

I can think of many possibilities with this type of loan instantly. For example, you go outside with the car and when you return from a trip you are left lying on the road.

You call the tow truck but you don't have money for the service - in case your insurance doesn't cover the entire journey. My question is, what do you do to get out of a troublesome situation like this?

It is very simple, from the same mobile with which you called the crane you can request a credit instantly online, either with the browser or through a call.

They will approve it and you will be able to have the money for when you have to make the payment. Easy and simple, you will not have to look for an ATM or deviate from your route at all since all the management is done electronically.

Could it be better for you? As a customer, the user experience is what finance companies are most grateful for.

These entities that offer instant loans have achieved a high degree of satisfaction so that you do not have to worry about many of the details that would affect you otherwise.

Another possible use can be when you are out of your city or abroad. Imagine that you spend the money you had in mind or for some reason you require more money.

Instant and immediate credits

I can assure you that these situations happen, even when you calculate the amount of money you will need in detail.

There are unforeseen events that occur and you can only find a solution with the options you have at hand. If you make a call, it will not cost you as much because only a few minutes are required. On the other hand, it is almost always easy to get a Wi-Fi connection wherever you are, from which you can carry out the entire process online.

As you can see, the options that instant and immediate credits provide you are really attractive and versatile. You will be able to solve multiple compromising situations that would have a bad solution in any other way.

Don't forget to review your online options from the comfort of home before you go on a trip or embark on a project that may require an immediate injection of capital in the event of an unforeseen event.

Generally, you will have little time to resolve a sticky situation when it occurs and will need to resort to a solution that you already know beforehand.

Conclusion on the usefulness of instant mini-loans

In short, the financial services have been refined enough that you don't have to break your head too much. You enter the official website of the entity and follow a few steps to request the one that interests you.

You will only have to wait a few minutes to get your mini-loan instantly, it is that simple and that agile. They do not need documentation, study periods, or anything to grant you the credit with asnef that you need that you need just when you need it.

Whenever you apply for an immediate microloan, the process is that simple.

In case you are interested in accessing a higher amount of money, you have two options. You can request a couple of immediate mini-credits from two entities or you can request a service from one of them.

When you spend 1000 euros, you may be asked for a guarantee or a proof of usual income since entities require a guarantee that you will be able to pay the fees. These formalities generally take more time to process the approval of the application.

Count on the help of finance professionals just when you need it. You will only have to get the data of a financial company of your interest to get a quality service, it is that simple and that comfortable.

I can assure you that immediate and short-term response online loans change your current situation of helplessness, once you try it, things will not be as "complicated" as before. Everything becomes easier.


The great advances that technology has experienced also makes it possible for even the elderly and not so old to lose their fear of online transactions, likewise the daily life of computing has reduced the digital divide that we have heard so much about.

A user, wherever he is, can search and locate loans instantly and immediately in a matter of minutes. This means that online financial transactions have become a great engine for the world economy and even more so in this globalized world.

This boom in mini-loan companies that we talked about at the beginning and also boosted by the economic crisis is allowing thousands of users to decide to use their personal financing services, largely because of how easy and fast it is to have small amounts of money .

The customer is the one who decides how much money he wants and in how long to return it.

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