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Applying for a loan causes concerns for many clients who are trying it for the first time. This reaction is perfectly normal since it is not like buying a movie ticket from home. What if we told you that interest-free loans exist?

Entity information
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Crezu 97% PASS
First Loan up to € 1500 at 0% INTEREST
Returns: up to 90 days.
Up to € 1500
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Prestamon 96% PASS
1st mini-credit € 1000 0% INTEREST
Return between 91 and 120 days
Up to € 3000
Apply for
credit party EVEN WITH ASNEF
1st mini-credit € 1000 FREE
Return between 62 and 65 days
Up to € 1000
Apply for
Up to € 1000 in 15 Minutes
Return: 3-60 months.
7 days free, then € 37.99 if not canceled before.
Up to € 9000
Apply for
1st mini-loan up to € 300 Free
Return between 62 and 90 days
Up to € 1000
Apply for
1st mini-credit € 300 FREE
Return: 5-62 days.
Up to € 1,300
Apply for
My Credit Ok FIRST CREDIT 0% Interest (With Asnef)
Up to € 5000 in 15 Minutes
Return: 2-48 months.
7 days free, then € 29 if not canceled before.
Up to € 5000
Apply for
Solve your debts Cancel your Debts EASY and FAST
Get out of asnef NOW! Up to 50%
Free Study
90% Success
Apply for
1st credit up to € 1000 0% INTEREST
Return: 3-60 months.
Cost: € 3 poop 5 days. (If you cancel before 5 days, nothing is paid)
Up to € 10,000
Apply for

Among the most common questions that come to us as queries we have the following: is the process safe? How can I know the status of my application? And can I trust this management system for my personal data?

These are questions that we have all asked ourselves the first time. At first, you trust little by little that you can request loans in 5 minutes , but as you see all the steps and get the financing you need in minutes you realize that everything is going as expected.

You just have to follow the steps as presented by the page of the financial institution of your choice. They always leave precise instructions so that you can orient yourself, in case of doubt you have the customer service phone number.


First of all, we are going to clarify some concepts that any potential client of a lender should know.

Are interest-free loans free?

In short, they are when it is a lender who offers it. Unlike the case of a bank loan, which always carries commissions of some kind, a fast return interest-free loan implies the full refund of the amount paid by the entity.

That is, if you receive € 300 you will have to enter that same amount within the indicated period and through any of the methods that the entity offers you for your convenience. In general, a client can enter a bank account or make a transfer to return this amount.

In some cases, finance companies have physical offices where the debt can be settled.

In short, the online services that financial institutions provide you are enough for you to get out of trouble properly. Free loans from these entities will not cost you even a penny, you will only have to return the amount you received.

The best strategy that a client can follow is to resort to these first offers of interest-free loans from several entities sequentially and with a time in between. That is, not simultaneously.

If you think about it, between € 300 or € 500 at no cost on your part is more than enough to solve unforeseen situations when you need it. Since these offers are usually not available after the first time the customer makes a request, it would be a shame not to take advantage of it to the maximum extent possible, don't you think?

For this reason, we emphasize that you never request these urgent credits simultaneously for two reasons: 1. You would have to return them almost at the same time and 2. You would not be taking advantage of all the response to unforeseen events that you could have.

Requirements to request a free credit

Normally, the same requirements are asked for a 0% free credit as for one with fees. The only difference is that new customers can save interest as long as the terms of the offer are met.

Some entities offer these free credits for all their first clients while others only for those interested in requesting loans between individuals without interest and of little amount - with a maximum that can range between € 300 to € 1000 .

In some cases, it is possible to get more financing but always below € 1200 in this mode. Since the service is completely free, it is used to establish a first contact between the client and the creditor. For this reason, many entities offer this first credit for free.

Requirements to obtain an interest-free loan

Normally, the requirements that a client must meet are very similar between one insurer and another. If you meet the following characteristics, you qualify for the first free loan without interest.

  • Be of legal age with more than 21 years.
  • Be a resident of Spain.
  • Having a source of income although payroll is not expressly requested.
  • Not be listed in ASNEF (although there are some entities that accept it).

As you can see, the conditions are flexible and compatible with a large number of candidates. If you meet these requirements, you can get a free loan in just a few minutes .

Make good use of free mini-credits

There are a significant number of entities that offer free mini-credits for their first clients. Among these lenders we have Vivus , which does not require a payroll, Ferratum , always available online, Dineo , which supports Financial Credit Institutions , and more.

They are suitable to take control of your expenses, you will only have to resort to online financing just when you need it. Due to the small amount of these credits without interest or commissions, you can return the money in a single payment or in a couple of installments without expenses on your part.

You can make good use of these offers by separating the requests in time. This way you can face the eventualities that may arise. It has the help of financial institutions at the right time to respond appropriately to these problems.

Another advantage of trying these free loans is that you will be able to compare the service of more than one lender.

If you want to know where to request loans if you are in financial institutions, you only have to access the corresponding section of our website. So you will know which of all of them is the entity that best meets your needs.

Free mini-credits

There is a wide range of interest-free mini-credits so you can choose the most appropriate option. This is the case of Wonga, entities that offer you the expandable financing service up to 75 days of return for only 5 euros from you.

Wouldn't it be better for you to have more than two months to return the money? Most likely, yes. For this reason, these entities assure you such simple conditions so that you can be very sure of returning the money within the term.

For example, Creditorapid offers the possibility of not paying interest as long as you return the money in less than 31 days . This offer, unlike most entities, is valid for both new and old customers.

So if you have problems at the end of the month and are going to get paid in a few days - but those expenses don't wait until then! - This entity is emerging as one of the best options to obtain a free mini-credit that you can have at your disposal.

There is also the Barclay Card that allows you to cover purchases within the credit limit without interest for up to 59 days for your return.

Free first loan

As you can see, it is very easy to get interesting offers from the best-known entities in the financial sector. You just have to spend time looking for offers of this style. The savings that you will incur in fees is more than enough to justify this dedication on your part.

Learn about all the interest-free credit offers today through the articles that we have uploaded about this financing modality.

It is a welcome for new clients but it is also more than that, it can become a reliable way to save money on fees, in addition to being able to request loans without payroll if you do not have it but have recurring income.

Of course, a free loan is an excellent option if you have no other solution for urgent expenses .

Whether you do not receive the salary when you need it most, that your expenses have risen unexpectedly or that an unforeseen payment appears, the credits without cost make it easier for you to get financing just when you need it.

Be sure to review the current offers of fast loans without paperwork , since some entities launch temporary offers on the occasion of special dates during the year.

Saving money is always a good practice that will allow you to raise capital on a regular basis in the long run. Do not underestimate the amount of money you could save just by spending a few minutes studying and comparing offers of free short-term repayment credits.

Not surprisingly, there are many clients in this country who rely on these financial services on a regular basis. Due to the difficulty of obtaining a bank loan today, due to job insecurity, this alternative in financing is presented as a solid solution to these life situations.

Don't leave the study of interest-free loan offers for tomorrow.

In blah we offer you the possibility of obtaining fast money 100% online and in a simple way. Either through interest-free loans, like this case, or other types of urgent financing.


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