Quick loans and credits online

When you need financial support, the best option to cover money needs immediately are fast online loans.

They are urgent insurance credits that are processed very quickly so that all applicants can have the amounts of money they urgently require.

Quick loans to get today

Entity information
Apply for
Crezu 97% PASS
First Loan up to € 1500 at 0% INTEREST
Returns: up to 90 days.
Up to € 1500
Apply for
Prestamon 96% PASS
1st mini-credit € 1000 0% INTEREST
Return between 91 and 120 days
Up to € 3000
Apply for
credit party EVEN WITH ASNEF
1st mini-credit € 1000 FREE
Return between 62 and 65 days
Up to € 1000
Apply for
Up to € 9000 in a few minutes
Return: 3-60 months.
7 days free, then € 37.99 if not canceled before.
Up to € 9000
Apply for
openbank loan Open Account + Card
No fees or commissions
You can order up to € 24,000
Free Credit and Debit Card.
No commissions
Apply for
1st mini-loan up to € 300 Free
Return between 62 and 90 days
Up to € 1000
Apply for
My Credit Ok FIRST CREDIT 0% Interest (With Asnef)
Up to € 5000 in 15 Minutes
Return: 2-48 months.
7 days free, then € 29 if not canceled before.
Up to € 5000
Apply for
1st credit up to € 1500 in 15 minutes
Return: up to 6 months.
No endorsement or payroll
Up to € 7,500
Apply for
1st mini-credit € 300 FREE
Return: 5-62 days.
Up to € 1,300
Apply for
Younited loans LOW INTEREST
From 6.34% APR Up to € 40,000
Return: 24-72 months.
Up to € 40,000
Apply for
60,000 euros with bankinter Account + Card
No fees or commissions
You can order up to € 60000
Free Credit and Debit Card.
No commissions
Apply for
Abanca loan Abanca + Card Account
No commissions or expenses
You can order up to € 60000
Free Cards
No commissions
Apply for
My solvency 97% PASS
1st loan Up to € 10,000 LOW INTEREST
Return between 3 and 60 months
Up to € 10,000
Apply for
First Credit up to € 5000 in 15 minutes
Return: Up to 36 months.
Up to € 5000
Apply for
Debt Cancel your Debts EASY and FAST
Get out of asnef NOW! Over 28 years
Free Study
100% Success
Apply for
Finzmo online loans ASNEF ACCEPTED
Return: 6-60 months.
Without endorsement, with income
Up to € 10,000
Apply for
Solve your debts Cancel your Debts EASY and FAST
Get out of asnef NOW! Up to 50%
Free Study
90% Success
Apply for
microcredits 24 FREE FIRST MINI-CREDIT
Return: up to 92 days.
Up to € 750
Apply for
1st mini-credit € 1000 in 10 minutes
Return between 61 and 90 days
Up to € 1000
Apply for
Return from 3 to 24 months.
Up to € 10,000 in 24 hours
No payroll or income.
Up to € 10,000
Apply for
Return: 3-90 months.
Without paperwork - From 4.75% APR
Up to € 50,000
Apply for
1st credit up to € 1000 0% INTEREST
Return: 3-60 months.
Cost: € 3 poop 5 days. (If you cancel before 5 days, nothing is paid)
Up to € 10,000
Apply for

We provide you with the useful hiring so that you can know what fast online loans consist of, the conditions of these fast loans, their advantages and why Blah is an option to access them, it also deals with the different types that are processed and you can get in today's market.

Fast online loans

They are a financial product whose main characteristic is its quick availability of the amount of money that you may need at any time.

These fast online loans are offered by banks and also, by private lenders, with application and cancellation conditions with notable differences.

Quick and easy credits that are granted by banks or private financial entities, you can request them online and specifically, on their web pages, their security can be checked more quickly.

You should know that even without having a payroll or income, you can request loans without payroll for any need. These have a limit of the amount granted that is around 5000 euros and you only have to provide documents that justify your income, your ID, recent personal invoices and a bank record in case it is another bank where you do not have a bank account.

Request your fast credit in just 3 steps

The steps to follow so that you can formalize your request for an urgent loan, basically comprise the three following actions:

  1. Look at the list of loan products from Blah on their website and make sure of the types of quick loans , because they have different details, advantages and disadvantages among themselves.
  2. Start the application process , by clicking on see credit, being at this point on the lender's website, fill in the form with the requested personal and financial information.
  3. Accept the conditions , sign the contract and receive the amount of money loaned. Then, when the urgent loan is approved, you receive a contract in your email, so you can sign them in agreement and you can forward it, so that you finally receive the bank transfer with the approved money.

Frequent doubts about urgent loans

You can do calculations and compare the results of the different offers to select the most convenient one, but first, let's talk about the FAQ:

How to get approved for a quick loan?

When you need money urgently, there is an updated list of options on the financial institutions that are dedicated to offering fast loans and other types of credits, they are the most suitable for you to make an online loan approval request in a fast mode, from safer way.

What is the operation of quick credits?

After having formalized your request for an immediate credit, in a very short time you get an answer that has been approved. When you have the approval, the lender transfers the money to you within a maximum period of 48 hours, almost always the approval and transfer is practically instantaneous.

Can you request quick loans with financial institutions ?

In case you appear on the ASNEF list, or find yourself in any other list of defaulters, you can also obtain a loan instantly in many financial institutions that offer this option, when the amount of money you want to request is not very high.

Is the purpose of the loan a requirement?

Actually it is not necessary that you indicate the reason, it is a credit modality that does not offer you large amounts of money and does not require more information, when requesting it.

Can you request quick credits on Sunday?

Of course, quick credits can be requested on the weekend, either on Saturday and / or Sunday. As well as on holidays. If you have a serious financial emergency, don't worry, we are available 24 hours and 365 days online.

How to know that a fast loan contract is reliable

It is always convenient for you to carefully read the terms and conditions of the urgent credit to know all the expenses that will be applied to you, such as the interest rate (TIN) and its equivalent annual rate (APR), the opening commissions, study and payment terms and non-payment.

If you can wait to process with lower interest, it is better to compare all the options and decide on the most convenient one, for example to buy in installments it is better to use credit cards.

It is good that you contact the company and so that you have clear all the answers in this regard. The lower interests do not guarantee that you pay less money, they also influence the repayment terms of the loan that impact the total amount of the money back.

Personal Paymentsnet is a reliable buyer

We have extensive experience in the financial market in Spain and we offer credits with the use of online technology, your requests offer you very competitive conditions.

We provide you with complete financial information, with advantages and disadvantages, with warnings. Before you request your fast credit instantly, we put at your disposal information on hidden expenses and the collection of additional commissions.

We have regulatory records that comply with privacy policies and comply with current regulations ( data protection agency ) regarding fast credits and online information, so you have security when accessing their services.

Expansion of urgent credits over the Internet

In Spain, online financing has been adapting very quickly to the new needs of consumers.

If you require online credit offers and deserve immediate responses for your urgent loan requests today that you need to cover certain money emergencies, with the use of high-end technologies it facilitates its processing and approval.

They have been offering for several years so that you can have access to immediate fast money. But, now the new online urgent credit companies have seen the great need to offer new quality services.

It is common to request urgent credits from the comfort of computers or smart phones to have the money requested the same day.

Gone are the complications of traditional loans, which were the only possible way for you to get financing. A great opportunity for both clients and financing companies.

Benefits of fast online credits

Fast online loans are very popular, since they do not ask for great administrative requirements.

It is very common to request quick loans and also to benefit from many advantages, especially when you need quick money, among which the following stand out:

  • Fast online credits are approved quickly, they do not present annoyances such as long queues, or waiting for telephone information.
  • Your requests can be made comfortably over the Internet and without the need for paperwork or long procedures. All their application steps for fast paperless loans are online and they do not require documents to be presented, nor to spend in making copies, since they only request minimum requirements online.
  • Responses to your requests are immediate and with real-time certainty about their approval. Likewise, the bank transfer of the urgent money that you have requested is practically immediate.

Urgent loans today in installments to repay them in months

Traditional banks do not approve immediate loans to large numbers of applicants.

Online financing entities are the alternative to the banking bureaucracy, since they offer you urgent loans today, without major requirements and so that you can pay them in a few months.

They offer you credits at real and comfortable terms, where you have access to their approval without strict requirements, without guarantees, or studies of files and payroll, since it is a simple and fast alternative.

Urgent loans today only require you to present ID for approval online , they are the alternative if you have not been able to obtain financing in traditional banking means, because you are temporarily unemployed or do not have all the documents that are required.

But, urgent credit online has higher interests than a common one . The Spanish Association of urgent microcredits recommends that you only use these types of mortgages for emergencies and essential cases.

What is the interest of urgent online credits

There are many factors that allow you to calculate how much a specific fast online loan costs you, when you attend to its conditions and compare it with other offers in the financial market.

Many times they can be a very expensive option, depending on the amount you have requested, the return period and the associated commissions that you manage to contract.

The interest rate is decisive in the cost of urgent loans, since they are more demanding in relation to their requirements.

It is important that you understand all the conditions of the contract in their entirety before accepting urgent loans online, since they are only profitable when they are used for an indispensable situation.

How to Select a Perfect Urgent Loan Today

How can you select from the many quick loan offers on the market?

Presmospersonalesnet is a highly prestigious comparator, it allows you to know its offer periodically, updates its website so that you can choose immediate credits adapted to its different requirements and your needs.

It is not necessary to review lists to find the best fast loans, since our list is fully updated.

There is real-time information on its website at all times. As a user you save time and money and avoid formalities to find out the types that you can request and their conditions.

Apply for a loan quickly and safely

Online lenders have created products so that you have a market with simple and profitable options to solve the pressing situations in which you deserve quick money.

Fast online loans offer you different interest options and payment conditions and inform you about the estimated time in which you must make the re-entry of the money.

After reading carefully, select the most convenient loan, select the option to request now (green button), then you just have to fill out the form including the requested personal information and send it, a very simple process.

When will I have the urgent credit in my account?

As for the waiting period for approval response and delivery of the requested money, the money can take between 24 to 72 hours.

They are super fast loans where you will not need the presentation of more documentation, just by presenting your ID, they have immediate access.

Banks offer the possibility of having access to quick loans, which have simpler and more agile conditions than the rest that you have as conventional banking. They are an excellent option so you can cover an eventuality.

Many people prefer fast loans of 2000 euros extra bank because they are faster. Those offered by private entities that are not banks, have other conditions and requirements that vary, depending on the type of product that the client decides to process.

Quick short-term loans cover credits of up to 1200 euros , to be paid after their 30-day amortization.

As for payments, banks generally give you a term, which can include installments to be canceled in several months or years, depending on the amount of money you need to request.

How long does it take to receive quick credit after the application is approved?

They provide you with solutions for your problems that require making unexpected expenses, it is usually the main reason why users request fast loans, so it is very important that you have all the knowledge of how long you can have your money.

They can reduce the requirements when granting loans , they are simpler and do not require more paperwork, than if they are requested in conventional entities or banks, so it is more viable for you to obtain this type of loan.

The delivery time of the money varies between the different financial entities that lend fast money. In general, most of the online financial entities, deposit the loan money by means of a SEPA transfer , in about 15 minutes in the bank accounts of their clients.

On the contrary, traditional banking asks you as an interested party that you comply with many requirements and lists of documents that are your proof of ability to pay as a possible client to grant you a loan or not.

But, they do not represent an option when you deserve instant money to cover a real emergency.

How do you know when a fast loan is approved

Fortunately, urgent online loans approved by private banks have intelligent analysis systems that evaluate your loan applications in real time.

That is, they have an automatic verification system to authenticate your identity, financial capacity and your credit history, in order to make sure that you can cancel the money you are requesting.

Financial innovations, such as instantor , have immediate responses for your online applications, as the automatic verification system assesses your application and gives you a pre-approval response in about 30 seconds.

Then, the requested amount, the approved amount and the conditions are rectified, so that you sign the contract.

But, it takes about 24 hours to be available, depending on the bank you have accessed.

It is good that you compare the demands and requirements that the entities ask you to grant it, since the lower the demand, the higher the level of interest you must cancel, since the lenders consider as a risk of default that you process a loan without proof of solvency.

When to apply for a quick loan

The speed of its approval and disbursement is convenient when you have an unforeseen event and you require money instantly.

They are an effective option so that you can solve certain needs , when the money you require is not a high amount and you deserve it to cover specific moments that demand fast online financing.

When you require fast financing, in higher amounts of money, the best alternative you have is to request a line of credit at your preferred financial institution so that you can obtain other payment conditions.

This modality can also be processed online, by filling in an online form where you must provide the requested personal information and wait for the fast loan contract to arrive by e-mail.

What is evaluated to approve a quick loan online

You are not required of great demands to approve a quick credit online, but most lenders evaluate whether you can repay the borrowed money, at the time you have to return it, through the instant online banking verification system , such as:

  • Your credit history , they make an analysis of the record of your defaults as an applicant, according to the amount of money you have requested.
  • Your financial solvency is assessed to know your ability to pay the planned installments.
  • When you make manual applications and lenders cannot do an online verification, they ask you for proof of income, payroll or regular income from self-employment or unemployment benefit; among other justifications.
  • Depending on where you work, the loans can be approved immediately , without further requirements and you are almost never deserved of endorsement or payroll contribution, since it is reserved for large amounts of money.


  • Fast online loans have more benefits than those of traditional banks.
  • They can be requested at any time and at any time.
  • They award money quickly, allowing you to use them immediately in the ER.
  • They request few requirements and are very simple to request.
  • To calculate its total cost you must know in detail the amount borrowed and its associated interests.
  • Prior to your application, it is recommended that you know the associated terms and conditions, so that you take into account all the expenses to be canceled in the fast online loans.

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